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Microsoft Office 2016

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This meeting is set original to allow Microsoft Office built and utilities more that can facilitate and improve installation to update the latest.

General information:

Language:English, Russian, French Ukraine Activation: KMSAuto Lite of Ratiborus

Installation is still using file MSP (folder MSP) and, if necessary, you can customize it according to your needs using vanOktober

During installationadalahDisyorkan solution to disable antivirus – a process that will happen and the chances of successful activity is increasing.

Installation options Silent (used)

/ O86U – silent installation of Office (x86) Update

/ O64U- The silent installation of Office (x64) has been updated

/ O86N – Silent installation of Office (x86) without update

/ O64N – Silent installation of Office (x64) without update / V86U – Silent Install Visio (x86) with updatesnu / V64U – Installed in Visio (x64) has been updated./ V86N – Installed in Visio (x86) without update / V64N – Silently install Visio (x64) without update / P86U – Silent installation (x86) – Silent installation (x86) without update / P64N – Silent installation (x64) without update / UP2016 – Installation update/ KMS – Activity / S –

For example, Team / O86U / V86N / KMS / TAB

X86Dengan installs Office updates, Tab Office and all Office products unpacked in activeren. Voor (exe 1 GB) on the same flight as follows: -y-gm2 -No “% windir% Temp OFFICE2016” / O86U / V86N /KMS / TAB

The file name must be changed to suit.

* Do not install products with different depths (Visio x64 and x86).

System requirements:

X86 or X64 processor with a clock frequency of1 GHz and supports SSE2 instruction set.

2 GB RAM recommended for graphics features, Outlook Instant Search, and certain advanced functionality.

GB hard disk space.

Screen resolution of 1280 800 for graphics hardware acceleration,Graphics card to use with support for DirectX10.

Operating system: Windows 10, Windows, Windows 8, Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Windows 10 Server, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2008 R2

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. It will work in 32-64 bit?

– Yes

2. What is this language?


3. enabled?

– Yes.

4. Antivirus sayaMengesan like virus?

– just off uphet process incomplete because some calculations antivirus keygen, crack, patch and false.

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