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Adjust Laptop Brightness

Adjusting the brightness of your laptop is software designed for laptops with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP operating systems. Designed to protect the life of the internal battery and optimize the display, the brightness of the laptop is an instrument that has more than a practical application. Whether you use your notebook in full or low, you can set it for even better laptop comfort and extend your life.

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If you are using a laptopOn Windows when changing locations, you know that one level of brightness is not appropriate for every situation. Especially during the night or daytime, the light traw of the screen is not always as high as at other times. However, most people leave the screen bright at one level without changing the default settings. It can affect your machine and drop the battery effectively in advance of time. Adjust the brightness of the laptop to solve this problem. Adjust the screen to save energy.
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Simple management

Unlike the default screen brightness settings, which require the use of a keyboard or typing locations, the brightness setting of the laptop is easily managed by the slider and its location manages many automatic settings, such as reducing ‘ The spell after a certain number of minutes or completely extinguish the screen after installing and installing time.
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