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Euro Truck Simulator

If you want to travel on the European road without having to pick up a truck driver, this is a good truck driver truck, like the Euro Truck Simulator. Select your country depart and travel.

Road trip in Europe

Behind your truck wheels, your mission is to make money to pay money from one city to another.

Getting cash As a result, you can buy newer, stronger, faster and more battery life.

Sharp graphics

Euro TruckThe simulator offers desktop publishing (no more, no less), as well as sound and sound effects. Animation is prettyslow, like the general rhythm of the game.

The annoying repetition

Simulation This is a big problem because it’s fast and it’s over and over again. Perhaps this is a boring simulation of Diesel bones and warn of the dangers of sleeping tires?

Bringing illegal goods, steering or traffic on highway traffic will be serious (say).

Original and fun game

Original and qualityWith great graphics or sound effects, the Euro Truck Simulator does not offer any offers to any game or other engine. Simple targets (laws) increase. However, the rhythm is guaranteed boredom. Euro Truck Simulator 2


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