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Adobe Illustrator CC 2015

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Adobe Illustrator CC is a medium for designing standard standards for standard standard software. Express creative vision with shapes, colors, effects and fonts. Adobe Illustrator CC works with speed and stability in large and complex files, and effectively transfers them to layouts of Adobe Creative applications.

CC illustrator:

Living Shapes: Rectangles and Rounded Rectangle

Rectangles alreadywith fast angles They have the independent radius with internal control. Angles marks are kept if you scroll and rotate your rectangle. The illustrator now remembers the width, height, rotation, angle of your work, so you can return to the original form.

Pen tool preview

See the path to draw before your next point. The rubber band line of your last point of anchor appears as you release the end oftip pen. See the next curve where the next point is drawn. You spend less time and spend a clean road.


Fynaanpassing is easier than ever. With an anchor control, you can drag the uneven wheel or other handles to control the softness of each segment. You can change a pattern without breaking your shape.

Click on pixels, rate and update updates

Whenthe exercise is active, adjust your anchor points by selecting pixels, grids or points. But your anchors are not supposed to. They are out of disconnected for editing while tracking your curves and corrections.

Access roads with better contrast

Turn off your paths with precision and predictability. When you finish drawing, you need to have control to finish and connect with the startingpoint. Reset your end point or select the adjustment to close the rate.

Windows GPU acceleration

With Windows GPU acceleration, you can work faster with Windows 7 or 8 computers. This featureThe Adobe Certified NVIDIA graphics card requires at least 1GB VRAM.

Typekitfalta fonts work

When opening a document, fonts will be automatically replaced. Illustrator BK searches the Typekit desktop font library and ifmissing fonts are synchronized with Creative Cloud.

And much more

Also, include: Dialogue enhancements enhancements and related text layouts and writing enhancements are missing.

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