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Microsoft Visual Studio 2015

Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise (x86x64)

Releasing Manufacturing (RTM) in Visual Studio contains many new features and updates, such as Windows, application development tool for universal, cross-platform mobile development for IOS, Android and Windows, including Xamarin, Apache Cordova, unity, and much more. And nowyou can see the features of Visual Studio 2015 in action; See our video on Channel 9.

Important: Visual Studio 2015 RTM can not be used to create Windows, Universal app for 2015/07/29, for more information, see the release date and compatibility: Visual Studio 2015 and Windows 10 SDK.

whatVisual Studio 2015 RTM:

Visual Studio:

– Visual Studio C ++ to develop on multiple platforms

– Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova

– Visual Studio Emulator Android

– Visual Studio Tools Development Tools for Windows universal application

– Visual C ++

– C # and Visual Basic

– F #

– Frame Kerja.NET

– Entity Framework

– Visual Studio IDE

– Mix

-Adladka and diagnostics



– Javascript

typed text

– IntelliTest

– Penetration in applications

– Release Management

– The only entrance to the

– Git version control

– CodeLens

– Architecture, Design and Simulation

– XAML language service

– Miscellaneous


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Visual Studio 2017 Productivity unmatched for eachDeveloper, each application and each platform. New features, such as authentication dependence davedkaDevOps stimulate early in the process pembangunan.Di In addition, improvements in the popular functions, such as movement of the code, the IntelliSense, code refactoring and improvements save time and effort,regardless of language or platform.


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