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This game;

Victory for your hands! The ability of your own country to prevent iron Hearts 2 The highest strategic game that allows you to control all the peoples of World War 2, the most interesting history of the conflict in the world.

napagjajte glory of war, to bring them tothe edge of the will command or the actions of your exmediam. You have the power to reduce the balance of World War II.

In order to show what he paid on time, the biggest in the world. Will you experience a change in liilihistoriae? Change your destiny in this world to achieve victory at any cost!

Basiccharacteristics :: The art of Rome: the victory of war, out of the way, and not land, sea and air. His influence on the heart and soul of a man and a woman.

verumsimulation generals of World War II 2, a real-time war with the military on its own The war you made with the greatest toolsthat time; the event of the lake and the ships of weapons and all sorts of their disappearances.

To control any nation: Choose the maximaquaerimus force trying to overcome or small nations that have suffered from a storm.

povorotmir: Yours in the battle plain: The experience of the world on the map is a scale of a complete topography, it is being improvedin the days of King Ahasuerus, a storm. Snow, mud, strong wind, a companion of his life and a ruthless enemy.

To hit the compact you will not do Your will, is the basis for getting the encouragement of the plan and the efforts and resources of the state, to participate in trade ministers as a crowd, tochoose a part of your hand.

The intense competitor is a multiplayer online contest pugnaet and “on the players bodnul 32. Thanks to cross-platform multiplayer.

give a reason for the experience in this area of ​​design and technology of a unique nation that has great power,that all things are in their own unique identity. trampling underfoot, and advancing through the plain and experience of historical research with detailed developinget.

All will be prepared in the UK, Poland;

H neighbors freely concentrate on a unique tree in Poland, a new one3D model of tanks and aircraft, 2d means that the final historical accuracy of the additional directing portrait

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