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Farming Simulator 15

Giants came the agricultural simulator 15, and funding from the first achievements, the developer has invested in a new graphical and physical engine. The previous simulators were very dry, in the real environment, as a set of films at affordable prices. Find out if Simulation Simulator 15 is itall that you promised (work {} {(‘re-app-page-desktop’);}); More cars and activities, with big landscapes. To start, you can choose the beginning of your field at one of the locations in Westbridge Hille in the U.S. or Bjornholm in Sweden. Between the two, Bjornholm is perhaps the best. Your game starts with voluntarytraining, which is carried out through basic control and agricultural skills such as harvesting, cultivation and seeds.
Once you have a clear basic process, it’s your starting point to manage your field. Farm Simulator cultivates its land by earningmoney and investing in other fields and machines so that he can do more, get more and continue to expand. He will grow, harvest crops and sell crops, wallpapers and other things like records. 15 Farm Simulator has more equipment and vehicles that can be purchased in the gameshop when you get money.

Reactivate it. Despite the fact that new activity, such as cutting wood, has not changed the Simulator 15 cell. The new physics engine has been improved, but not so much. Cars are easy to control, and all the extra keys needed for others to workyou need to make sure that there is no information about the map that has a small and great display option. This can be improved in the current perspective of “GPS”, and it would be better to show you, for example, what you have now.
Traveling around two camps, they seem to be “alive” more thanin 2013, and more traffic and travelers. However, this effect does not last long. Immigrants are not trying to prevent this, since they are ghosts and can occur without effect. On the other hand, other vehicles, such as cars and tango, are virtually impossible, with which your farmthe technology has decreased. No tractors and machines that are damaged, graphically or otherwise. If you are lucky enough to drive your car, it will not be safe. If you get on the map of the map, you play an invisible wall that does not match the Truman show.

Tractors find facelift.They talk a little about wisdom. There are effects of the sound and sounds of the nature of the skin, all of which are benevolent, there is nothing to write about the home Image, with its new engines, is another matter. The cars look good, they have more depth and better animation. The environment is alsobroader, as well as soft grass, reactions and best trees that are much better than cutting finished paper. But when it seems better than Simulator Farming 2013, it’s not in the same league as in the games of the current generation. The atmosphere still feels “dead”, and the physics of the car does not respondreality Such a new, similar simulator vxas, as well as the graphics and physics is excellent, but not ideal. The game is great and valuable, but the game is more or less unchanged. Fans of the series will use this improved and better simulator, but they do not do anything to turn the unbelievers into normalagricultural life. Of course, with your enthusiastic community, the Simulator 15 will have a long life and fashion that you can download and post. In general, many fantastic photos – this is an opportunity to improve the basic simulator, which has not changed abruptly


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