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Google Chrome 68

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With Google Chrome, you can synchronize your bookmarks, passwords, history and other options between different computers and even a smartphone with Android.


Window for any task

Dynamic Tables

Application rotation routes

Bug management

Integrate with Google Gears

Incognito mode

Safe Browsing

Multiple read and navigator failure

Create sign mark

Enter situationsof other browsers

Download simplicity

All or the pages are a separate process

Use the simplest and fastest WebKit engine to render HTML

Multilingual support and convenient use of the browser

Timely update of the components of the program.

Speed: the browser starts quick and fast download web pages.

Google Chrome can be found quickly from the desktop.

Google Chrome immediately downloads web pages.

Google Chrome deals with interactive web pages, web applications andJavascript code with unprecedented speed.

Simplicity: Afteravegador designed based on efficiency and convenience

A window is used to search and navigate.

The pages can be installed in any order – quickly and easily.

The beautiful places are always at hand: their small images are shown on the fast-access road.

Style: Thanks to the themes, the browser becomes even brighter and more attractive

Design your browser with palettes of colors, patterns, images and graphicsof writers. Visit the Gallery of Google Chrome themes.


Type: set | unpacking (mobile version of PortableAppZ).

Languages: ML.

Breaking: nothing.

Line switches:

Regular installation of the usual version: / S / I

Unpacking the mobile version: / S / P

You can also choose the directory to install: after all the keys you have to add / D =% path% Example: / S / I / D = C: ChromeOS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows, Windows 10

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